Cases where Clients have Successfully Sued the Police

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors are experts in assisting clients sue the police for false arrest, unlawful imprisonment and malicious prosecution

We are the leaders in this area of law which is evident by the long list of cases where we have helped clients take civil action against the police or other authorities. Read about our recent cases below.

Our Recent Cases

SH made a successful claim against the police for battery and false imprisonment. The police laid charges against her after her partner’s son made false allegations that she had hit him. The matter was settled.

JG was pulled over by police and arrested after police alleged that he had committed an offence. These charges were dismissed in the Local Court on the basis that the police had carried out an unlawful arrest. We helped JG sue the police for false imprisonment, which successfully settled.

Corrective Services failed to take KS to his doctor’s appointments despite him noticing he had a tumour. When he was finally given medical attention, he was told that he had cancer. We assisted KS in suing Corrective Services for psychiatric injury.

SF was arrested by police when an unknown person had used the client’s name after being arrested and failing to turn up at their court hearing. It was not until after he was taken to the police station and strip searched that the police realised their mistake and released him. The same incident occurred again two years later. SF sued the police for assault, false arrest and unlawful imprisonment.

NJ was an elderly man who was put into the back of a police van. The police drove him around the city and dropped him off at a random location without taking any other action. We helped him sue the police for false imprisonment.

DM intervened when a male police officer was questioning her nephews. Later on, she received a court attendance notice which charged her with offensive behaviour. After being acquitted of the charges, she sued the police for malicious prosecution.

OD sued NSW Transport after a transport officer grabbed him, assaulted and handcuffed him as he was leaving Central Station in Sydney . The police arrested OD after the transport officer alleged that OD was behaving offensively. The video footage showed that the officer’s allegations were false. OD sued NSW Transport and the Police for assault, battery and false imprisonment.

KM was assaulted and charged by several police officers at a service station. The charges were withdrawn against KM in the Local Court. She approached us to bring an action against the police for assault, battery, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution. The police settled.

You can read more of our case studies here.

Make a claim against the police

If you have been subjected to police brutality, you may be able to sue the police for their unlawful behaviour. Contact us on (02) 9261 4281 to book a free initial consultation, where we can advise you on your prospects of making a successful civil claim against the police.

We can help you sue the police for false arrest and unlawful imprisonment.
Contact us on (02) 9261 4281 for a free initial consultation. We can help you sue the police for false arrest and unlawful imprisonment.

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