Chat bot assists clients draft their will

Would you trust a chat bot with your legal problems?

A company in the Northern Territory town of Coolalinga uses a chat bot called Ailira to help its clients make a will. You enter into an office which looks much like your standard law firm but instead of speaking to a lawyer behind a desk, for $150 you sit in front of a computer to consult Ailira who is a chat bot supported by artificial intelligence.

But do not be confused. This is not a law firm, and Ailira is not a robot lawyer, even though her name is an acronym drawn from “Artificially Intelligent Legal Information Resource Assistant”. It is more of a do-it yourself service with Ailira there to answer any queries you may have. You type in your questions and she will give you a response. There are staff on hand to pick up any potential issues relating to the lack of capacity in the person writing the will or any concerns regarding issues of undue influence. However, the staff themselves do not give legal advice.

Legal issues with using a bot service

Whilst this might seem like a cost-effective and time-effective method of drafting a will compared to approaching a human lawyer, there are several issues with this bot service. Ultimately this is a bot which means that there can always be a possibility that the information provided is incorrect or that the client misinterprets the information that would be better explained by a human lawyer. Also, the bot may be incapable of dealing with highly complex legal matters.

In the usual circumstance where a lawyer gives incorrect legal advice or has drafted a will incorrectly, the lawyer can be held liable. However, there is uncertainty over the classification of a chat bot and who would ultimately be liable. Mr Cartland, the creator and provider of Ailira claims that the client is liable as it is a do-it-yourself type service. The Northern Territory Law Society has looked into the bot service but has not provided a conclusive comment on whether it constitutes legal advice.

Given the drastic consequences of an incorrectly drafted will, it is always better to seek a human lawyer for legal advice. They can be held to account, can rectify any issues, and understand your emotional concerns.

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Ailira, a chat bot powered by artificial intelligence, can assist you to write your will...but is not a lawyer
Ailira, a chat bot powered by artificial intelligence, can assist you to write your will

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