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Did you know that you can take legal action against authorities, organisations or individuals who have wronged you?

Speak to O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors if you are thinking of taking legal action against any of the following authorities:

  • Police who have assaulted, falsely arrested or unlawfully imprisoned you;
  • Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for malicious prosecution; or
  • A bar / night club bouncer who has physically assaulted you.

Our civil solicitors can also advise you in matters concerning defamation law and represent you if you require defence in prosecutions for Fair Trading.

Civil Law Services Provided by O'Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors

If you have experienced false arrest, unlawful imprisonment, assaul or other unlawfully mistreatment by a police officer, you may be able to sue the police for compensation.  Our civil team are experts in the area of unlawful arrest / false imprisonment and the firm has achieved outstanding results for our clients in this area of practice. 

We represent clients who are looking to make defamation claims against another person or entity. Our defamation lawyer has obtained substantial settlements for many of our past clients. Please read through our information on defamation before contacting us with your matter, particularly in relation to our no win, no fee policy.

If you think that you have suffered harm as a result of medical negligence, speak to our medical negligence lawyer who can help you determine whether you have a potential claim for compensation.  

If you are currently or think you might be prosecuted for a Fair Trading matter, you should speak to us as soon as possible to get legal advice. It is important to get legal advice as a successful prosecution can result in enormous fines, and potential loss of your trading licence. 

We can provide legal advice on some civil matters arising out of the workplace. This includes claims for sexual harassment.

Other Civil Claims

Speak to our civil team about your matter to determine whether it is a case that we can take on.

Why Choose O'Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors

1. Free Initial Consultation

Your first consultation with one of our civil lawyers is free. This is your opportunity to speak to us about your case and for us to discuss with you what your options are. If you choose to proceed we will provide you with a cost agreement that sets out your legal fees

2. Experienced Team of Lawyers

Our civil lawyers have handled cases across NSW, and in some instances are prepared to take on cases in other States around Australia. O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors is one of Sydney’s leading law firms when it comes to

3. No Win, No Fee Policy

If you are unable to pay for your legal costs upfront, we may be able to represent you in your civil matter on a no win, no fee basis. This will depend on whether we think that your case has a high probability of success. Speak to us about your civil matter, and we will advise you on the likely prospects of success and whether we can run your case on a no win, no fee basis. 

4. Fighting for the Everyday Person

We understand how emotionally draining (and expensive) it is to take legal action against someone in a powerful position. Many of our clients approach us feeling dejected and embarrassed about what has happened to them. They have been abused by the police, ridiculed by a newspaper giant, or mistreated by a medical practitioner. They feel powerless against these other parties and think that they have no way to make things right. That is where O’Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors comes in. We fight for the everyday person. With police misconduct at a high, and media companies hungry for juicy gossip (which might be completely false!), we are passionate about helping our clients get compensation for the physical, mental and reputational harm caused.  

Our firm is there with you along the way. We explain the law to you in an easy to understand manner. We keep you up-to-date with how your case is proceeding. We also have a trauma-informed approach to lawyering when interacting with you. We understand that you have dealt with traumatic events and that engaging with the legal system is a stressful experience that can re-traumatise you. For this reason we are sensitive to your mental and emotional needs and will assist you in an appropriate manner.

Case Studies

We have a number of case studies where we have successfully acted for clients in:

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