Don Dale Youth Detention Centre: Outcry of the Child Detainee Population

The events that occurred last night within the harrowing institution of the Don Dale Detention Centre in Darwin, are a reflection, and have probably been brought about by the inhumane conditions of that place.

The upheaval by detainees symbolises the demoralising conditions in which the detained youth have been forced to live under the NT government’s oppressive regime and policies, notwithstanding the recommendations of the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory.

Peter O’Brien from O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors has released a statement today condemning the NT Government for its failure to close the detention centre immediately following the Royal Commission. That place should have been shut down immediately following the findings of the Royal Commission Report.  In fact, even before the Royal Commission it was known that Don Dale Detention Centre was unfit for its purpose, and any sensible government would have closed it down many years ago.

“How many Royal Commissions will it take before Don Dale detention centre is closed for good? This represents the arrogant and capricious nature of the NT government’s law and order policies and demonstrates their inability to govern properly and humanely.” The Royal Commission described how the NT government has repeatedly failed its children subjecting some of the most vulnerable youth in our country to unbearable conditions in a traumatic environment. Children being tear-gassed and resorting to such desperate measures reveals the overdue and pressing urgency for the NT government to remedy the youth justice system which has been broken from the very start.

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