Wrongful Detentions

wrongful detention, police brutality
Musa Konneh is a victim of wrongful detention: photo credit Ben Rushton (via the SMH)

COPS database errors lead to wrongful detentions

We were not surprised to read this article: errors in the police database have led to scores of youth being wrongfully arrested and detained. The COPS database was not adequately updated when courts varied the bail conditions, and as a direct consequence of this error up to 100 youth were wrongfully arrested by police for breach of their bail conditions. For youth who were merely following the bail conditions given to them by the court, these wrongful arrests have the potential to undermine trust in the system and to sow the seeds of future tension.

O’Brien Solicitors have been alive to the injustices of wrongful detention, and have dealt with dozens of similar cases over the years.

If you, or anyone you know, has been the victim of wrongful detention, malicious prosecution, police brutality or any other form of official misconduct, O’Brien Solicitors can represent your interests. We take a professional yet firm approach to any instance of institutional unfairness, and would be happy to stand with you against injustice.

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