Our Recent Criminal Defence Case Studies

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors is continually achieving successful outcomes for our clients. We wanted to share with you our recent case studies so that you can be assured of our expertise, skill and commitment in criminal defence representation.

We assisted several clients in getting no conviction recorded by way of Section 10 of the Crimes Act including two young clients charged with possession of small quantity of drugs at a music festival and nightclub. We assisted another client with their character references where the Magistrate ordered that no conviction be recorded.

Our lawyers continue to prove why we are experts in criminal defence through their exceptional cross-examination skills and ability to present strong legal arguments. Our client was found not guilty after our principal Peter O’Brien successfully argued that the DNA evidence relied on by the prosecution was unreliable. Similarly, another one of our lawyers successfully raised doubt in the prosecution’s case in JD’s trial where the alleged victim’s evidence was excluded, resulting in a not guilty verdict for our client.

One of our big cases was the representation of protestors involved in the WestConnex protest. Our defence lawyer successfully got the traffic charges dismissed which meant that our clients were able to avoid fines and criminal convictions.

We are routinely approached by clients to assist them in their sentencing hearings. For example we assisted SM in negotiating with prosecutors to have her wounding charge dismissed. At her sentencing hearing for the assaulting police charge we persuaded the Magistrate that a conviction with not other penalty was appropriate.

Some of our other cases include: assisting JB in successfully reducing his sentence during his District Court appeal as well as assisting clients such as MR  in submitting applications to have their case dealt with by way of mental health provisions.

These are just a few of the cases that we have handled and more of our criminal defence case studies can be found here.

If you have been charged with a criminal offence and require defence representation call us on (02) 9261 4281 to book a free initial consultation.

Our recent case studies include representing clients who were arrested whilst at the WestConnex protest and ‘Fuzzy Field Day’ events

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