Peter O'Brien - Principal Solicitor

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors specialise in multiple areas of criminal and civil law. 

We can assist you by representing you in your criminal matter, fighting for financial compensation if you have been unlawfully arrested, assaulted by police, defamed  or treated unfairly in other ways. We are also able to assist you in preparation for or in attending Royal Commissions, at ICAC and other commissions. 

Principal Solicitor Peter O’Brien has been passionately defending clients for over twenty five years. 

“Everyone is entitled to a strong and respectful defence against criminal charges, which is why we have adopted a personalised approach that separates us from larger criminal firms.”

Accredited Criminal Law Specialists

Experienced in Suing the Police and other institutions for intentional torts

Dedicated Defamation Lawyers


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    Languages we speak
    English, French, Russian, Farsi, Urdu, Turkish and Greek.
    Experienced Legal Team
    We have over 62 years of combined legal experience within our small firm.

    O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors is a full-service criminal law firm. We have represented clients in criminal cases involving all types of offences from common assaults int he Local Court to complex drug and murder trials in the Supreme Court. We have Accredited Specialists in Criminal Law within our firm. Specialist Accreditation is held by less than 6 % of lawyers in NSW, demonstrating our firm’s commitment to criminal law.


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    Inquest into 2015 death in custody begins

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    Cognitive impairment justice advocacy scheme at risk

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