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Proven Expertise

Our lawyers have decades of experience in criminal and civil law, ensuring the best outcomes for our clients.

Commitment to Justice

We are dedicated to defending your rights with integrity and achieving justice in every case.

Personalised Service

We offer tailored cost effective legal solutions, providing personalised attention to every client.

Award-Winning Practice

Our firm is recognized for excellence in legal services, winning multiple prestigious awards.

Practice Areas

Our experienced criminal defence lawyers provide expert representation for all criminal charges including assault, drug charges, fraud, traffic law and more, ensuring your rights are protected.

We offer comprehensive civil law services, including representing victims of crime, abuse cases, and suing the police. Our team is committed to achieving justice for those who have been wronged.

Our defamation lawyers are skilled in protecting your reputation and handling complex defamation cases. Our specialist team have a strong success with media defamation, social media and other defamation matters.

About O’Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors

With over twenty years of experience, O’Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors is a leading law firm in Sydney, dedicated to providing top-tier legal services across Australia. Our Principal Solicitor, Peter O’Brien, and his team have a proven track record in criminal defence, civil law, and defamation cases. 

We are committed to justice, integrity, and achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients. Whether you need representation in a criminal matter, civil dispute, or defamation case, our team is here to defend your rights with expertise and dedication.

Our team regularly appears in Australian media to comment as experts in civil, criminal and defamation law and are ready to apply there expertise and winning record to your case.

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About O’Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors

Our team of dedicated lawyers brings a wealth of experience and a passion
for justice to every case. Learn more about our highly skilled and compassionate team.

Awards and Recognitions

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We are proud to be recognised for our excellence in legal services including the NSW Law Society “Presidents Medal” for Peter O’Brien in 2023. Our awards reflect our dedication and success in advocating for our clients.

Voices of Justice: Client Reviews

Read what clients of O’Brien Criminal and Civil Lawyers have said in Google Reviews after we’ve helped clients restore their good names.

Latest Insights

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of criminal defence cases can you help with?

At O'Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors, our criminal defence lawyers provide expert representation for various charges, including:

  • Serious Crimes: Defense against charges like assault, robbery, homicide, and other serious offenses.
  • Drug Charges: Representation for possession, trafficking, and manufacturing of illegal substances.
  • Traffic Offences: Assistance with DUI, reckless driving, license suspensions, and other traffic violations.
  • White Collar Crimes: Defense for fraud, insider trading, and other financial crimes.
  • Domestic Violence: Legal support for those accused of domestic violence, ensuring fair treatment.
  • Sexual Offenses: Defense against charges such as sexual assault, indecent exposure, and related crimes.
  • Juvenile Offences: Representation for minors involved in criminal activities, focusing on rehabilitation.
What type of civil cases can you help with?

At O'Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors, we handle a wide range of civil law cases, including:

  • Seeking compensation for victims of crime, including assault and abuse.
  • Pursuing claims for historical sexual abuse against institutions like churches, schools, and government organisations.
  • Representing clients in cases against the Police including for false arrest, unlawful imprisonment, and police misconduct.
  • Assisting clients with medical negligence claims, seeking damages for inadequate care by healthcare professionals or facilities.
What type of defamation cases can you help with?

At O'Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors, our defamation lawyers specialise in protecting your reputation against:

  • Media Defamation: Legal action against false and damaging statements made by newspapers, television, and other media outlets.
  • Social Media Defamation: Representation for defamatory posts, comments, and content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Other Types of Defamation: Defence and claims involving slander, libel, and false accusations in personal and professional contexts.

Our skilled team is dedicated to safeguarding your reputation and securing the justice you deserve.

Which locations do you service?

We are located in Sydney CBD, but we assist clients across Sydney, NSW, and Australia-wide. We offer phone and video consultations to accommodate clients regardless of their location."

Do you offer no win, no fee?

Yes, in some circumstances we can offer no win, no fee agreements in several practice areas, including claims against police or corrective services, claims against institutions for abuse, and some defamation matters. This means you will not be charged legal fees unless your case is successful. We will assess your case at the outset to determine its prospects of success and keep you updated throughout the process. While you won't have to pay our legal costs if your claim is unsuccessful, you may still be responsible for your opponent's legal costs in some circumstances. Contact us at (02) 9261 4281 to discuss your case and learn more about our no win, no fee options.

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