Is it the end of physical IDs?

A digital driver licence trial is set to start in NSW’s Eastern Suburbs from November this year.

Digital driver’s licence can be used as valid ID

Participants who opt into the trial can use their digital driver’s licence (DDL) which will be accessed via the Service NSW mobile app.

The DDL can be used as valid identification in pubs and clubs and for roadside police checks in the trial area. As this is a trial, participants will still have to carry their physical drivers licence.

The Eastern Suburbs trial follows an ongoing trial in Dubbo which has reported a 83 per cent satisfaction rating from more than 1,400 participants.

In his announcement of the Eastern Suburbs trial earlier this week, Minister for Finance, Services and Property Victor Dominello stated that,

Smartphones have become de facto wallets and we’re using cutting edge technology so that drivers can use a digital licence in everyday scenarios.

It is also claimed by Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight, Melinda Pavey, that the DDL will provide increased protection against identity fraud compared to the physical driver licence.

It sounds great and all, but what if your phone runs out of battery?

The DDL is planned for release across the state in 2019. The introduction of a digital licence will allow convenience to those of us who use our smartphones for everything. Of course, the introduction of new technology always comes with its risks and problems.

If you get pulled over by the police who ask for your driver’s licence and your phone is out of battery, you could face a fine. Likewise, a dead phone means that you won’t have any valid ID on you to enter pubs, bars, purchase alcohol, airport check-in etc.

How can you participate in the trial?

If you are based in the following postcodes (2022, 2024, 2026, 2031 and 2034), you can find out more about the trial here.

If you are based in the Eastern Suburbs, you can register to participate in the digital drivers licence trial.
Photo source: Service NSW

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