Royal Commission: Peter O’Brien Examines Cardinal Pell

Last Thursday, Peter O’Brien assisted the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse during the questioning of Cardinal George Pell.

Peter’s examination was remarkable for its directness. In fact, several news agencies actually did remark on it, including the Ballarat Courier, The Australian and the ABC.

Peter’s uncompromising line of questioning elicited several concessions from Pell, including the Cardinal’s most explicit mea culpa. When questioned about complaints made to him about paedophile priest Father Dowlan, and asked whether he should have done more, Pell replied, “With the experience of 40 years later, certainly I would agree that I should have done more.”

royal commission lawyer Peter O'Brien
Lawyer Peter O’Brien cross examines Cardinal George Pell at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse.

But perhaps Peter’s greatest compliment came from our paralegal’s mum. She said that Peter looked “younger than I thought he would” and that he “must be doing quite well for himself, for such a young man”.

You can read some of Peter’s cross examination here


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