Police Brutality Leaves a Man in a Coma

Police have violently arrested a man in a textbook case of police brutality. This happened in the Victorian town of Wonthaggi after he suffered from an epileptic seizure.

A case of Police Brutality

The man’s friend, Damien Hall, has accused police of using excessive force during the arrest. The video and images of the arrest released by ABC News appear to show the man being overpowered by several policemen as they arrest him. The incident is even more alarming because the graphic images show the man’s head covered in blood with the police on top of him.

Mr Hall alleged that the police pushed his friend against a metal bar which caused injury to his head. They then proceeded to grab the man’s feet and drop him to the ground which injured his head further. The brutal arrest has left the man with such serious injuries that an ambulance took him to hospital. There, medical staff put him into an induced coma.

The Victoria Police said that their Professional Standards Command would oversee the investigation into the incident. However, as we stated in an earlier article on police brutality, internal investigation procedures are inadequate and police culture continues to facilitate such misconduct.

Suing the Police

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors have a strong legal practice in the areas of assault, battery, unlawful arrest and false imprisonment including representing clients in Victoria.

This incident reflects the unfortunate reality that many people fall victim to the unlawful conduct of authorities. We firmly believe that such people should assert their rights by suing the police for compensation where they have been unlawfully treated.

Speak to us if you, or someone you know, experienced unlawful police conduct.

Not sure whether you might have a claim against the police? Read our set of frequently asked questions and call us to book a free first consultation. We are experienced unlawful arrest lawyers who can assist you in suing the police on a no win no fee basis. Please note that we do not take on all civil cases on this basis. This will depend on the circumstances of your case.

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Handcuffs: Sue Police for Unlawful Arrest such as police brutality.
Speak to us if you have been the victim of police brutality.

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