Horrific Recording of Disability Carer Abusing Disabled Child

An audio recording obtained by the ABC reveals the horrific abuse that occurs within the disability care sector.

Horrific recording reveals abuse of disabled boy

The recording was made in 2016 by a not-for-profit organisation that was running a group home for teens. The organisation reported the matter to the Police, Children’s Guardian and NSW Ombudsman.

The recording exposes the abuse of a profoundly disabled boy by a disability carer. The carer is heard yelling profanities at the boy, calling him a “stupid f***”. He also threatens to bash the boy with sounds of slapping heard in the background. The boy sounds distressed and repeatedly says “no”. The carer and his colleague are then heard discussing how to cover up the incident.

Trend of abuse within the disability care sector

This is only just one example of a disabled person being abused by their carer. Disabled individuals living in residential and home care are very vulnerable. Not only are they heavily reliant on their carers to look after their basic needs, but those that have mental disabilities may not even realise what is happening to them. The lack of regulation in the disability care sector is extremely concerning.

Following the announcement of the Royal Commission into Australia’s Aged Care Sector, Greens senator Jordon Steele-John made an emotional speech to Parliament. He named a list of 34 Australians who had died in recent years, all of which had a disability. Some of the names were subjects of state-based inquests.

Disability rights need to be added to the Royal Commission agenda

The Government’s announcement of the upcoming Royal Commission into Aged Care included a statement that it would cover young Australians with disabilities who are cared for in residential facilities. Senator Steele John has called for the Government to extend the Royal Commission to examine the treatment of disabled people in all settings.

Disability rights are important to the overall human rights scheme. People living with a disability are entitled to be treated in a humane manner, just like everyone else. The abuse that they fall victim to is absolutely appalling. It is an issue that needs to be investigated by the Government so that such abuse is no longer overlooked. It is only then that systemic changes will occur. The Government is urged to include overall disability rights in the terms of reference which has yet to be released.

Make a Submission to the Royal Commission

With almost a decade worth of expertise in representing clients in Royal CommissionsO’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors is ready to advocate for individuals who have been victims of abuse by the aged care sector.

We strongly encourage anyone with useful information to come forward and to contribute to an inquiry that can assist in addressing widespread problems in the aged care sector. Call us on (02) 9261 4281 to book a free consultation with one of our solicitors.

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