Defamation Case Studies

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors represents clients who have made defamation claims (sometimes called libel or slander) as well as defending clients who are defendants in defamation claims. In certain circumstances, we can take these cases on a No-Win, No-Fee cost arrangement. Read about some of our defamation case studies below.

Compensation for Defamation in Tabloid Magazine

Tom* suffered defamation in a national tabloid magazine. The magazine stated he had an

Defamation Charge Against Newspaper For Kidnap Story

We held a successful mediation for a defamation charge against a newspaper for a

Defamation claim against news journalist

At the 40th anniversary of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra, our client (RK),

NRL Meme page loses Facebook defamation case over sex tape accusation

In 2019, Montanna Geyer started Facebook defamation proceedings against the owner of NRL Memes

Defamatory Google review successfully removed

A medical professional received a defamatory Google review from an unhappy patient. We sent

Compensation for Defamation in Financial Report from Government Commission

A financial report from a Commission identified Paul and made allegations that were libellous.

Mistaken Identity: Settlement for defamation in Australian Newspaper

John was libelled in an article relating to a company he started, but then

Settlement from tabloid news company

A tabloid news company wrote an article about Peter and a family member who

Acquitted of murder but titled ‘killer’ by tabloid – Defamation Case Study

Oliver was previously acquitted of a murder charge. However, a Sydney based tabloid paper

AJ – Defamation claim against employer

AJ sued for defamation due to publication by his boss defaming him, falsely saying

WH – Client accepts Concerns Notice after defaming politician on Facebook

Defamation on Facebook leads to a Concerns Notice sent by a politician to the

Compensation for suggesting man cheated on his partner – Defamation Case Study

A tabloid media company posted a photo of Ryan, stating that he was a

Nationwide News Pty Ltd v Vass

In 2015 Nationwide published an article in The Sunday Telegraph. This conveyed imputations to

Successful settlement against individual for social media defamation

We represented a person who experienced Social media defamation, getting a good settlement for

Defamation in the nightly news broadcast with allegation of animal cruelty

News outlet runs a story in the nightly news and online saying our clients


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