Defamation Case Studies

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors represents clients who have made defamation claims (sometimes called libel or slander) as well as defending clients who are defendants in defamation claims. In certain circumstances, we can take these cases on a No-Win, No-Fee cost arrangement.  Read about some of our defamation case studies below.

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Wrong Person: Man Incorrectly Identified as Violent Attacker

A tabloid paper incorrectly identified our client as someone who violently attacked a group of young girls. The photo, which they took from Facebook, was not of the attacker, but our client.

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Woman Receives Compensation For Vicious Online Hate Campaign

Betty was the target of a vicious online defamation campaign from one specific person. By the time Betty approached O’Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors, there at least 14 defamatory publications online. These ranged from social media posts, fake social media profiles and posts on online gossip forums. O’Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitor successfully negotiated with the tabloid in order for the article to be removed from the internet.

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Young Woman Incorrectly Suggested As Kidnapper

In this case, our client wanted compensation from a media publication for a defamation claim. The newspaper ran a kidnapping story with a photo of her, causing her harassment from the press. 

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