The Risks of Medical Tourism

Globalisation has resulted in a rapidly growing medical tourism industry. Medical tourism is the term used to describe instances where individuals travel overseas to undertake medical procedures. This has been an increasing trend with estimates that around 15,000 Australians travel overseas each year for cosmetic and dental surgery.

However, recent incidents have raised concerns over the risks involved with medical tourism. It was recently reported that a Melbourne man passed away as a result of a bad surgery overseas. He flew to Malaysia excited for plastic surgery that he thought would change his life. After completing the surgery and flying home he started feeling sick. Sadly he passed away as a result of a blood clot that the coroner concluded was a result of the surgery and treatment.

Another incident involved a young woman who has been left with horrendous scars and different-sized breasts after a botched breast implant surgery in Thailand. We strongly urge anyone thinking of travelling overseas for medical procedures to use these incidents as warnings of the possible risks that can occur.

Our medical negligence lawyer at O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors provides his insights into the risks involved in this industry.

  • Whilst the cheaper price tag might seem enticing, he warns that the standards can be much lower than Australia and that there is a higher risk of medical malpractice.
  • The law of that country will apply where the medical procedure does go wrong and there may be limited options for making a claim against the negligent medical practitioner.
  • This being said, it may be possible for victims to take legal action in some instances where, for example, the contract for the medical tourism package is with a business located in Australia.

Whilst we provide a caution we are also here to assist anyone that does have concerns with medical practices that have gone wrong, whether they are in Australia or overseas. If you have suffered harm from the malpractice or negligence of a medical practitioner contact O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors to discuss your options.

We provide a free first consultation where you can speak to us confidentially about your situation. Call us on  (02) 9261 4281.

Consider the risks before you make a decision to undertaken a medical procedure overseas!

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