Children’s Court Case Studies

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Review real Children’s Court case studies in which O’Brien Solicitors criminal defence lawyers have acted. See the results we have achieved and what our clients and their families have said about us. We have extensive experience in Children’s Court.

HWC: Entering inclosed land without lawful excuse, housebreaking implement & graffiti offence

Young person charged with entering inclosed land without lawful excuse, being in possession of housebreaking implements & graffiti implements.

MH Young person diverted to youth justice conference

MH faced charges of robbery, common assault and assault/resist officer in execution of duty. The charge of robbery was withdrawn during negotiations with MH pleading guilty to the other charges.

We represented MH in his sentencing hearing, submitting that MH should be diverted to a youth justice conference. The magistrate accepted this submission and dismissed MH’s charges without conviction.

Key terms: Robbery, steal from the person, Crimes Act 1900 Section 94 – common assault, Crimes Act 1900 Section 61 – assault/resist officer in execution of duty, Crimes Act 1900 Section 58 – damage property – juvenile justice – youth justice conference

DBCharges dismissed against young person found with iPod

Police charged DB with goods in custody after they found him with an iPod in his possession.

We represented DB in his case and gave reasonable doubt over whether the item was stolen or otherwise unlawfully obtained. The Magistrate dismissed the charge.

Key terms: Goods in custody – plea of not guilty – charge dismissed

HBCharges dismissed against 13 year old client

HB faced charges of assault and damage property committed when she threw water at someone and on the floor. We successfully defended her and had the charges dismissed.

Key terms: Assault – damage property – doli incapax – charge dismissed

JVDoubt cast on prosecution’s case against young client

JV was charged with several offences to which he pleaded not guilty. We represented him in his trial where we cast doubt on the prosecution’s case. Both charges against our client were dismissed.

Key terms: Parramatta Children’s Court  – assault police – contravene apprehended personal violence order – plea of not guilty

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