No Conviction Recorded for Young Person charged with drug possession

Young client charged with possession of cocaine

drugs cocaine phone credit cardOur client was a young man who police detected with a small quantity of cocaine at a nightclub.

He approached us with his case and had concerns that a conviction on his criminal record would affect his ability to graduate university. A criminal conviction can also affect your rights to travel and work overseas.

Successful representation in sentencing hearing

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors successfully represented the client at his sentencing proceedings. Our criminal defence solicitor drafted representations to amend facts that presented a more favourable version of the client. The basis of the submissions was that our client should not be used for general deterrence and that his youth, remorse and good career prospects should be taken into consideration. We assisted the client to prepare supporting materials about this for the Court.

No conviction recorded

The Magistrate took into account the client’s youth and lack of criminal history when deciding on an appropriate sentence. The matter was dealt with under s 10(1)(b) if the Crimes (Sentencing & Procedure) Act 1999 with the Magistrate deciding that our client should be provided with an opportunity to rehabilitate. No conviction was recorded and the client was discharged on the condition that he enter into a good behaviour bond. He was relieved to be given a second chance at a clear criminal record.

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