Police Powers & Your Rights

Police Powers & Your Rights

LEPRA stands for Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Act and it is what police and other law enforcement officers’ are legally bound by. What are police powers and rights that you have in respect to them?

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Police Arrest you? what do they need to provide?

  • Evidence that the police officer is a police officer (unless the police officer is in uniform),
  • The name of the police officer and his or her place of duty,
  • The reason for the exercise the power
  • Police can use force as is reasonably necessary to make an arrest (section 231, LEPRA) or to exercise a lawful function (section 230, LEPRA).

    However, excessive force is unlawful

Police Powers and Rights: General Search Powers

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Police Powers And Rights: Strip Searches

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Can Police Search My Car without a Search Warrant?

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