Legal Aid NSW is a government-funded organisation that provides free legal advice, assistance, and representation to people who are experiencing disadvantage or who are otherwise unable to afford a lawyer.

To be eligible for Legal Aid NSW services, you must meet certain criteria, such as income and asset tests, and be able to demonstrate that you are experiencing disadvantage or hardship.

If you are eligible for Legal Aid then O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors can apply on your behalf. If they grant your application, then Legal Aid will pay us to represent you. The Government established Legal Aid to ensure that everyone has access to justice.

The individual’s circumstances and the nature of their legal issue will determine the grant amount and the services covered. A criminal case, for instance, may necessitate more legal representation than a civil dispute, leading to a larger grant.

Our principal lawyer, Peter O’Brien, worked in a senior position as a solicitor with Legal Aid prior to founding O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors.

He is entirely familiar with all of the requirements for making application for Legal Aid. This means that we can assist you to ensure that your application proceeds smoothly.

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FAQ about Legal Aid

A legal aid grant may may cover some or all of the costs of legal representation or advice, such as attorney and other professional fees, court costs, and other legal-related costs.

The amount of the grant and the types of services covered will vary depending on the individual’s circumstances and the nature of their legal issue.

For example, a criminal matter may require a higher level of legal representation than a civil dispute, and therefore the grant may be larger.

  • Legal advice: Free legal advice is available over the phone, online, or in person at Legal Aid NSW offices across the state.
  • Legal representation: Legal Aid NSW provides legal representation to eligible clients in court proceedings, including criminal, family, and civil matters.
  • Duty lawyer services: Legal Aid NSW has a team of duty lawyers who attend court each day to assist people who do not have legal representation.
  • Community legal education: Legal Aid NSW provides information and resources to help people understand their legal rights and responsibilities.
  • Alternative dispute resolution: Legal Aid NSW provides a range of dispute resolution services, including mediation and negotiation, to help people resolve legal issues without going to court.

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