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Peter O’Brien in ABC News ´Background Briefing´ Podcast

Peter O’Brien, our Principal Solicitor, was quoted by ABC podcast BACKGROUND BRIEFING in their latest episode: Stop and Search | The Botched Backyard Operation. In the episode, they go into detail about what happened in Brad´s tragic last few moments after police officer fatally shot the young man as part of their proactive policing strategy that went horribly wrong. Peter is representing Brad´s father, Adam Balzan. 

O’Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors are experts in suing the police. 

Listen to the podcast episode here. 

Interview with Professor Simon Rice: Sydney Law Professor Sues NSW Police

Brian Massone, our Civil Solicitor, interviewed our recent client, Law Professor Simon Rice, who we helped sue the NSW Police. Rice was on the sidelines of a student protest when police arrested him unlawfully. 

O’Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors are experts in suing police for unlawful arrests. 

Watch the video here

Law Society Journal interviews Peter O’Brien on the topic of police powers to search, detain and arrest

Peter O’Brien, our Principal Solicitor, spoke to LSJ on whether the police’s power to search, detain, and arrest needs overhauling. 

O’Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors are experts in suing police for unlawful searches.

You can see the article here.

ABC interviews Peter O’Brien as the Police search season, also known as musical festival season, starts

Our principal solicitor, Peter O’Brien discussed the issue of juveniles going into Queensland watch houses with The Guardian.

Our firm is expert in suing police for unlawful searches.

You can  see the article here.

Guardian interviews Peter O’Brien on the Queensland watch house issue

Our principal solicitor, Peter O’Brien discussed the issue of police searches with the ABC.

You can  see the article here.

Running a Successful Claim for Malicious Prosecution with Tahn O’Rourke and Peter O’Brien

William Spedding was awarded $1.8 million in damages in a claim against the State of NSW for malicious prosecution, misfeasance in public office and abuse of process after he was arrested and charged during investigations into the disappearance of William Tyrell. William Spedding’s counsel Tahn O’Rourke, Sir Owen Dixon Chambers, and principal solicitor, Peter O’BrienO’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors, discuss the case they ran, and the judgments in the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal, in the first of three insightful presentations.

Subscribers can watch the full video at:


Bail Applications with Wilson Tighe and Tim Rayner

Recently our lawyers, Wilson Tighe and Tim Rayner went onto BenchTV to discuss bail in NSW including the application of the Bail Act 2013 (NSW) and the process of a bail application in the local court, the district court and the Supreme Court.


Peter O'Brien comments on the failed appeal by the State of NSW on the Bill Spedding decision

On August 9, our Principal solicitor Peter O’Brien, commented to the ABC about the State of NSW losing its appeal against the decision in favor of Bill Spedding in his claim against the NSW Police Force.

On Channel 9, Peter described the State’s decision to appeal as “an act of lunacy”.

See the ABC article here.

See the Channel 7 Story here. See the Channel 9 story here (and also in the video below)

Peter O'Brien comments on the Lehrmann prosecution mishandling

On August 2, our Principal solicitor Peter O’Brien, commented to Channel 7 about Bruce Lehrmann threatening to demand millions if the A.C.T. Prosecutor mishandled rape allegations in relation to Brittany Higgins. He also commented in a subsequent item on the same topic on August 4.

Peter O'Brien comments on the William Tyrrell foster mother investigation

William Tyrrell’s foster mother has called on police to release the evidence they claim to have amassed against her after detectives asked prosecutors to charge her over the boy’s disappearance.

But, our Principal solicitor Peter O’Brien, the criminal defence lawyer who defended the first suspect identified in the case, washing machine repair man Bill Spedding, who has since been cleared warns that early police mistakes may now have ruined the investigation

He told the Sydney Morning Herald, “The longer a crime goes unsolved, the more difficulties police will have trying to solve it.”

The SMH article is here.

The Woman’s Day magazine also quoted Peter.

Peter O'Brien comments on the Taser death of 95 year old Clare Nowland

As we recently reported, 95 year old woman Clare Nowland was the victim of a police tasering. Unfortunately she succumbed to the injuries she sustained in this episode. Police charged the responsible officer with assault, and it is now possible that the charges could upgrade to manslaughter.

Principal solicitor Peter O’Brien told the Sydney Morning Herald about the topic of police investigating police, “Since time immemorial it has been a thoroughly ineffective, unaccountable and unsound means of keeping the police accountable, for obvious reasons, and there are any number of examples to show that.”

The article is here.

Prosecutors lodge appeal after youth group leader Brett Edward Sorby granted bail

The church youth group leader, Brett Edward Sorby, who has remained in jail on remand since his arrest, was set for release after solicitor Peter O’Brien successfully applied for his conditional release on bail on Wednesday. A Newcastle Local Court magistrate granted it. However the Supreme Court will review the decision before Sorby goes free.

The 59-year-old faces 14 child sex charges concerning a teenage girl. These are historical offences, from between 2004 and 2005.

The article can be found here. This is behind a paywall

This brief version on the NBN Newcastle site is free to all.

The Daily Telegraph has also reported upon it here. 

Court dismisses bail for student following a protest at the Reserve Bank in Sydney

Our lawyers, Sidnie Sarang and Patrick Latham represent Cherish Kuehlmann

The legal right to protest is fundamental to the proper functioning of our democracy and is often not upheld.We successfully dismiss the heavy handed bail conditions imposed on her.

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O'Brien Solicitors secures bail for former elite runner Eliza Stewart

Former elite runner Eliza Stewart got bail again after already breaching bail. Police charged her with selling more than $100,000 worth of stolen goods.

Stewart breached bail when police discovered the 36-year-old driving by herself. However her original bail conditions included that she was not to drive unaccompanied outside her home.

Our criminal defence lawyer, Wilson Tighe, persuaded Justice Richard Button to grant bail in the NSW Supreme Court on Thursday, February 2, 2023.

See how the West Australian media reported on this case.

If you are in need of a criminal defence lawyer, do not hesitate to contact us. We have the experience and expertise to defend your rights and ensure a fair trial.

Criminal Defence Lawyer Wilson Tighe 2023
Criminal Defence Lawyer Wilson Tighe

Sydney Channel 7 News covers the legal battle between Daniel Keneally & Clint Foster, featuring an interview with our principal solicitor Peter O'Brien.

Son of former NSW Premier Kristina Keneally, Constable Daniel Keneally is in trouble again.

Our principal solicitor, Peter O’Brien, weighed in on the matter stating that police officers have a duty to “investigate it correctly, they’ve got to do it fairly, and they’ve got to do it impartially.”

If you are in need of a criminal defence lawyer, do not hesitate to contact us. We have the experience and expertise to defend your rights and ensure a fair trial.

Daniel Keneally Clint Foster Peter O'Brien Defence Lawyer
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