Stalking & Intimidation Offence Case Studies

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors are expert criminal lawyers. Here are a number of successful cases where O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors secured a favourable result for our clients who police charged with stalking and intimidation offences.

AAAPVO application against client dismissed

HD sought an APVO against AA after alleging that AA had intimidated, harassed and threatened HD. AA did not consent to the order and a hearing was commenced in the Local Court. The Court was not satisfied on the balance of probabilities that AA’s conduct amounted to intimidation, and therefore dismissed the application.

Key words: APVO – Local Court – Application dismissed

HF – Charges against client dismissed

Our client was charged with stalk / intimidate to which he pleaded not guilty. The charges were dismissed at the conclusion of his hearing.

Key words: plea of not guilty – charges dismissed

HDS – Charge of intimidation dropped after successful defence representation

HDS contravened his AVO which prevented him from visiting his family home. Upon visiting his home he became enraged and kicked his sister’s car, causing damage. As a result, he was charged with intimidation, contravening an AVO and damaging property. We successfully represented HDS in getting the charge of intimidation dismissed and a supervised good behaviour bond for the remaining two charges.

Key words: intimidation charge – contravene AVO – good behaviour bond

SKBClient acquitted of all charges after three day trial

SKB was charged with assault, intimidate and cause fear to a neighbour after police alleged he threatened to kill the neighbour. He argued that the neighbour had provoked the incident and had been the threatening party during the course of the interaction. His case went before the Local Court over 3 days. The court was not satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that the alleged events had in fact occurred given the large number of inconsistencies between the witnesses during cross-examination. Our client was therefore acquitted of all charges.

Key words: assault – intimidate – Local Court – not guilty

VW – Court dismissed all 6 counts of stalking against client

It was alleged that VW had attended the alleged victim’s home and made intimidating threats. VW was charged with 6 counts of stalking to which she pleaded not guilty. The court did not accept the evidence of the complainants and dismissed all charges.

Key words: intimidation – stalking charges – not guilty

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