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O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors, especially Principal Lawyer, Peter O’Brien, are the “go to” firm for many prominent cases. The media often seek out our lawyers for comment on the matters of the day. On this page you’ll find our successful public cases which gained media attention in 2022. Click the buttons to check out our other years. 

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Stewart O'Connell, senior solicitor wins legal battle in court for Samantha Azzopardi

6 Dec, 2022

Samantha Azzopardi, who gained notoriety throughout the world with outrageous claims got a significant in win in Downing Centre District Court in Sydney. Our lawyer Stewart O’Connell argued her 17-month jail sentence was “manifestly excessive” given Azzopardi’s complex mental health situation.

Stewart O’Connell even got international exposure in an Irish news outlet:

GPO con woman free from jail

Some News Ltd outlets which reported on the case:

Senior solicitor Stewart O'Connell manages to secure bail for a man facing serious sexual predation charges

November 25, 2022

A young man got bail in the Supreme Court after he allegedly committed 19 “troubling predatory” offences against six underage girls. This included supplying two girls with alcohol before sexually assaulting them.

Stewart O’Connell, a senior criminal defence lawyer with O’Brien Solicitors, was able to convince the Judge that bail was appropriate, with strict conditions to prevent reoffending. reported on the case here.

NSW Supreme Court

Peter Dutton defamation case against refugee activist Shane Bazzi ends with Opposition Leader deciding not to proceed further

September 26, 2022

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton’s defamation case against Shane Bazzi  came to an end., with the Liberal leader dropping his high court appeal and the refugee activist ceasing a bid for costs.

Bazzi’s lawyers, O’Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors, revealed the pair reached a resolution with final orders emanating from the full Federal Court.

Shane Bazzi wins defamation appeal against Peter Dutton
The original appeal where Bazzi won

O'Brien Solicitors extract Victorian Police apology for client Dr Prasannan Ponganaparambile

September 21, 2022

Victoria Police published an apology to our client Dr Prasannan Ponganaparambile after they used social media to defame him by accusing him of being a suspect in a crime, followed by unlawfully imprisoning him. This apology was part of the confidential settlement that our defamation solicitor Stewart O’Connell got for the doctor.

The Age also covered the story.

Peter O'Brien interviewed for Australian Story for client Russell Manser

May 30, 2022

Australian Story published an episode on bank-robber turned survivor advocate Russell Manser. As Russell’s criminal lawyer, Peter O’Brien was interviewed by the ABC for the episode.

It aired on Monday 30 May 2022 however you can catch up on the episode here.

Setting the Record Straight Russell Manser on Australia Story
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O’Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors succeed in appeal against Peter Dutton for defamation against client Shane Bazzi

May 17, 2022

Shane Bazzi succeeded on appeal in the defamation case against Peter Dutton. Last year, the Minister for Defence sued Mr Bazzi over a tweet. At first instance, the Court ruled in Mr Dutton’s favour awarding him damages. However, on appeal, the Full Court held that the judge had erred in his reasoning. The Court further held that the tweet did not convey the pleaded imputation that “Mr Dutton excused rape”.

O’Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors defamation team, consisting of Senior Solicitor Stewart O’Connell and Solicitor Sarah Gore, represented Mr Bazzi alongside Barristers Peter Gray SC and Barry Dean.

Appeal court overturns Peter Dutton’s $35,000 defamation win over tweet – Sydney Morning Herald

Shane Bazzi wins appeal in defamation case over Peter Dutton tweet – The Guardian

Refugee advocate Shane Bazzi wins court appeal against Peter Dutton – The Daily Telegraph

Stewart O'Connell, senior solicitor and defamation lawyer, featured in Terrance Flowers settlement

February 16, 2022

Seven West Media has settled a defamation lawsuit brought against it by O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors. It will pay out the man it wrongfully identified in news reports as Cleo Smith’s abductor.

Stewart O’Connell represented Terrance Flowers, who goes by his mother’s last name of Kelly on Facebook. He became the subject of mistaken identity when the Kerry Stokes-owned media conglomerate incorrectly identified him as Cleo’s abductor Terence Kelly.

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Peter O'Brien, criminal defence lawyer, comments on Daryl James in Daily Telegraph article

February 7, 2022

Gold Coast man Daryl James, a promising young musician, suffered abuse as a teenage army apprentice.  He then worked alongside his tormentors for 40 years. The Daily Telegraph reports that he has won his case against the Australian Defence Force (ADF) for the abuse.

Campaign to draw attention to Australian Defence Force abuse
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Peter O'Brien Criminal Defence Lawyer
Peter O’Brien, Principal Solicitor and Criminal Defence Lawyer

Daily Telegraph reports on Daryl James abuse case settlement (may be behind a paywall for some users).

In the article, the Telegraph quotes Peter as follows:

Lawyer Peter O’Brien said the case sets a precedent for other ADF abuse victims.

“This claim was only for the conduct perpetrated against to Mr James – not for the subsequent mental and physical injuries that arose, nor any economic impact it had upon him. Therefore, it was not a personal injury claim,” he said.

“This is because Mr James’ has already been compensated for the impact the abuse had upon him but had not been compensated for the actions themselves.”


O'Brien Solicitors' criminal defence lawyer Elliot Rowe acts on behalf of client Felix Dean

January 25, 2022

Elliot Rowe - Criminal Defence Solicitor
Elliot Rowe: Criminal Defence Solicitor

Actor Felix Dean had representation from our criminal defence lawyer Elliot Rowe at his sentencing hearing. Mr Dean found himself under arrest four times in the past 20 months. Subsequently, he pleaded guilty to a long list of charges involving violence and theft. The former Home and Away child star started using methamphetamine at the age of 15.

This high profile case saw coverage on Channel 9 as well as the following news articles.

Daily Mail reports on result on Felix Dean criminal case

News Corp sentencing article on Felix Dean violence offence cases


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