Criminal Defence Law – Recent Cases

To review real case studies conducted by O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors in different areas of criminal defence law, click on the headings below. See the results we achieve and what our clients have said about us.

We have assisted clients in successfully appealing their sentence and/or conviction. This includes a number of quashed convictions in the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal.

Read about the cases where our lawyers have helped clients successfully apply for bail. This includes Supreme Court bail applications. 

Our team are experienced in Children’s Court practice and can make the intimidating process easier for everyone.

Read about a range of cases involving driving related offences where our lawyers have assisted clients in avoiding a conviction, prevented licence disqualification and achieved a not guilty outcome. 

Assault Offences Cases

We have represented clients in assault offences of all kinds. Read about our cases related to common assault, assaulting and/or resisting police, and more seriously assaults causing bodily harm.

Read about the successful cases where our lawyers have gotten stalking & intimidation related charges dismissed against our clients. 

We have assisted clients in a range of domestic violence related cases. This includes representing clients in defending AVO applications.

Review some of our successful firearms offence case studies in which we have achieved good outcomes for our clients.

We have represented clients in a range of drug related cases including possession, trafficking, importation, supply, driving and manufacturing charges. 

We have a number of successful cases where our lawyers have secured a favourable result for our clients who have been charged with affray, behaving in an offensive manner in public, disorderly conduct and other public order offences. 

Read about a range of property cases involving charges such as break and enter, stealing, larceny, armed robbery, receiving stolen goods, goods in custody and damage to property.

We have assisted several clients in their murder cases with a successful outcome of not guilty. 

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