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Peter is the Principal Lawyer and founder of O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors. Peter is a highly experienced criminal defence and civil lawyer with more than twenty years of experience in NSW and interstate.

Some of his key experiences prior to establishing the firm include:

  • Co-founding the UTS Community Law and Legal Research Centre (1996);
  • Working as a solicitor for the Children’s Legal Service of NSW;
  • Working for the Katherine Regional Aboriginal Legal Aid Service in the Northern Territory (2001-2005);
  • Receiving an Award for Outstanding Representation of Children and Young People from the National Children’s and Youth Law Centre (2002);
  • Working in a senior role at the NSW Legal Aid Commission (2006-2008); and
  • Lecturing within the Law Faculty at the University of Technology Sydney (2006-2013)

Since establishing O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors Peter has:

Of course his experience and successes extend far beyond this short list.

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UPDATE: We’ve just got word from MRRC that part of the jail will be placed in full lockdown for 2 weeks with no access to AVLs or phones. This is a serious development. Families and loved ones of prisoners deserve

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