Pleas of guilty and sentencing

If you decide to plead guilty or you are found guilty of an offence, the court will impose a penalty. O’Brien Solicitors can represent you at your sentencing proceedings to make sure you get the best possible outcome. Outcomes can range from no conviction to a jail term.

The outcome of your sentencing proceedings can have far-reaching consequences for your future. A conviction will limit your prospects of employment and overseas travel. However, even if you plead guilty or you are found guilty, it may still be possible to avoid a conviction by seeking a section 10 dismissal. O’Brien solicitors will make sure that your best and strongest case for a good outcome is put before the court.

If you are facing a jail term, O’Brien Solicitors can give you advice about all your pleas guilty sentencing matters options, including diversionary programs that can help you to avoid jail. O’Brien Solicitors are experienced in sentencing law, and will use all relevant legal provisions to your advantage.


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