COVID Fines: Why Protesters, but Not Pubs?

Fines for Protestors, Not For Pubs Last Friday, NSW Police Officers approached demonstrators at the University of Sydney, who gathered to peacefully protest looming COVID-19 related University cuts . Not without irony, Police fined protestors  for violating COVID-19 Health Orders. […]

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Can psychological abuse be considered Grievous Bodily Harm?

***A warning to readers that the following article describes domestic violence scenarios*** Compensation for an Abusive Relationship For two years, Evelyn* had been in an abusive relationship with a man in Taree on NSW’s Mid North Coast. In mid-2018, Evelyn […]

Strip Search Saga – Systemic Abuses of Power by NSW Police

NSW Strip Search Saga: Rolling Revelations of Systemic Abuses of Power In October 2019,  a 16-year old girl identified as “BRC” gave evidence to the LECC, the  NSW Police Force‘s anti-corruption watchdog. BRC described being strip-searched by a NSW Police […]

Priests on JobKeeper: The Church’s Galling, Hypocritical Tango

Last month, it was revealed NSW Catholic clergy were receiving JobKeeper, the payment set up by the Federal Government to enable employers to retain employees. The response was widespread condemnation. And yet the screw turned further, with the ABC reporting […]

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Have You Been Strip Searched by the NSW Police?

Have NSW Police Strip Searched you? Do you believe you have been illegally strip searched? Are you currently in danger of being illegally strip searched? At O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors, we specialise in civil litigation for police misconduct, including […]