The Clink Podcast - Stories of Redemption

Russell Manser – The Story of Redemption on The Clink

Russell Manser – The Story of Redemption on The Clink This week on The Clink, host Brent Simpson talks to Russell Manser about his road to redemption. By age 14, Russell was sent to the notorious Daruk Boys’ Home, where […]

Priests on JobKeeper: The Church’s Galling, Hypocritical Tango

Last month, it was revealed NSW Catholic clergy were receiving JobKeeper, the payment set up by the Federal Government to enable employers to retain employees. The response was widespread condemnation. And yet the screw turned further, with the ABC reporting […]

NT Police Cage Vehicle

Call for the NT to ban “police cages” for transporting kids

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors are supporting the  Amnesty International campaign and petition to stop NT police transporting children in “police cages”. This practise is a breach of human rights against international standards, specifically rule 73.2 of the United Nations Standard […]