Suing Corrective Services for Mistreatment in Prison

Damages awarded to woman strip-searched by Correctives officerIf you have experienced prison officer brutality or neglect by jail authorities, you can sue Corrective Services for their unlawful behaviour. O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors have gained recognition as leaders in the area of law of:

      • unlawful imprisonment
      • assault and battery

We can represent you in suing Corrective Services in making a civil claim against prison officials for assault, battery and false imprisonment. You may also have an issue with prison conditions.

Our civil solicitor successfully settled many claims against Corrective Services resulting in substantial compensation for our clients. See the bottom of the page to see case studies and testimonials from many satisfied clients who have received compensation payouts.

Just because you are in custody doesn’t mean that you have no rights. Corrective Services officers are expected to treat you according to strict guidelines. They cannot let their own personal feelings or emotions affect how they behave.

When can you have an action against Corrective Services?

Examples of situations where you can sue Corrective Services for assault, false arrest and unlawful imprisonment include:

    • Corrective Services have failed to provide you with adequate medical attention and that exacerbates your condition.
    • Prison officers have assaulted you.

However you have suffered in addition to your legally applied custodial sentence, we can help you.

Why use O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors?

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors have a significant practice in civil actions against Corrective Services. The firm has achieved outstanding success in suing Corrective Services .

Suing Corrective Services case studies

In conclusion, we invite you to discover some of the cases where we have had success.

Prison officers beat inmate repeatedly and then charge him with assault

Corrective Services prison officers beat a jail inmate

False imprisonment claim against Corrective Services

Prisoner sues Corrective Services for psychiatric injury after not taking him for cancer diagnosis

Prisoner sues Corrective Services and Justice Health for neglect after delayed cancer diagnosis


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