Dismissal of ADVO Charge: A Case of Alleged Intoxication, Verbal Abuse, and Assault

Altercation at Home

The altercation began after the victim picked up XWD, who demanded the whereabouts of her bag of marijuana. When the victim couldn’t answer, XWD became increasingly hostile and aggressive. The situation escalated, and the victim called her ex-partner for assistance. When the victim asked XWD to leave, XWD physically assaulted her.

Assault of Victim’s Ex-Partner

Police alleged that XWD also assaulted the victim’s ex-partner when he arrived at the scene. XWD was subsequently arrested by the police, who also served her with a provisional Apprehended Domestic Violence order while in custody.

Verdict of Not Guilty

During the hearing, defence contested the prosecution’s evidence and the statements that police got from the victim and the victim’s ex partner in Mt Druitt Local Court. The defence was able to cross-examine both persons as to the particulars of the incident and suggest evidence to the contrary of what was given. The magistrate found XWD not guilty for all charges and dismissed the ADVO against her.

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