Stalking and intimidation AVO application dismissed


Hal* sought an apprehended personal violence order against Al*.  Al did not consent to the order and a hearing was commenced in the Local Court.

During the course of the hearing, Hal alleged that Al had intimidated, harassed and threatened Hal.  Evidence provided by Al showed that this did not occur. 


The Court was not satisfied on the balance of probabilities that Al’s conduct amounted to intimidation pursuant to the provisions of the Crimes (Domestic Violence) Act. 

This meant that the application for the apprehended domestic violence application was dism

The application for the apprehended domestic violence application was dismissed.


“Thank you for your hard work fighting the AVO application. As a doctor in the practice, there were potentially serious implications for me had the AVO been ordered. Your defence of my rights in court, and the personal attention you gave to my case is truly appreciated by me and my family” AA

*Names have been changed for client confidentiality

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