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illegal vapes

Illegal vapes still easy to get in NSW

Buying illegal vapes has never been easier. According to Four Corners, the booming black market for vapes is “fuelled by rising demand and a failure to police the rules.” The Chair of Cancer Council’s Tobacco Issues Committee, Libby Jardine said there was an “epidemic of e-cigarette use among young people”. Four Corners found multiple illicit

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Boys as young as 14 to be moved to maximum security adult prison

Boys as young as 14 to be moved to maximum security adult prison

The Western Australia Department of Justice announced plans to transfer children as young as 14 from Banksia Hill Detention Centre to the maximum-security adult male Casuarina Prison. What is Banksia Hill Youth Detention Centre? Banksia Hill Detention Centre is the only youth detention centre in Western Australia. The centre contains 260 cells, currently holding 116 youth

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undemocratic laws target protest movements

Blockade Australia: Undemocratic laws target protest movements

NSW Police crackdown on the right to protest is unfair and violating. Recent protests organised by Blockade Australia expose the disproportionate policing tactics used on climate change activists. Solicitor Patrick Latham said the tactics used by NSW Police are “unprecedented.” Who is Blockade Australia? According to Blockade Australia they are “an organising network established in response

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