Sidnie Sarang


BA (Socio-Legal Studies), JD, GDipLegalPrac

ph: 02 9261 4281



BA (Socio-Legal Studies), JD, GDipLegalPrac

ph: 02 9261 4281



After graduating from a Bachelor of Socio-Legal Studies at the University of Sydney, Sidnie completed her Juris Doctor at University of Technology Sydney in 2018. 

Prior to working for O’Brien’s, Sidnie had eclectic experience with a variety of Sydney-based community legal initiatives, including Redfern Legal Centre, Shopfront Youth Legal Centre, and the Immigration Advice and Rights Centre (IARC). 

Additionally, Sidnie has worked with a variety of Criminal Justice outreach programs, including Justice Action, and the Volunteer Mentoring Scheme at Lidcombe’s Juniperina Juvenile Justice Centre. 

Sidnie commenced work as a Defamation Solicitor/Junior Criminal Solicitor at O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors in 2018.

Current Practice Area

Criminal Work

In her capacity as Junior Criminal Solicitor, Sidnie has appeared before the NSW Supreme Court, and has extensive experience in both city and regional NSW Local Courts. 

Sidnie has appeared for a variety of criminal proceedings, including

  • s32 Applications under the Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act
  • Bail hearings
  • Procedural matters such as Mentions. 

Sidnie’s work as a member of the Criminal team typically includes defending charges of assault, drug possessions and breaches of AVO.


Defamation Work

As a member of the firm’s Defamation Team, Sidnie is typically first point-of-call for defamation inquiries. She has experience with defamation claims arising from both social media and traditional print publications, working on claims from multiple jurisdictions, including NSW, the NT and Victoria. 

Professional Approach and Interest Areas

In her capacity as Defamation Solicitor, Sidnie is particularly interested in the tensions between the tort of defamation and free speech. In light of recent pushes for positive statutory rights to discriminate, Sidnie is particularly interested in the capacity of defamation law to protect minorities against discriminatory communications.

Given the innate sensitivity of Defamation work, Sidnie describes her approach to Defamation matters as personable and thoughtful. As Sidnie notes; 

“Reputation can be the equivalency of social currency. When someone’s reputation is affected- either by negligent journalism, or gossip that skewers fact and truth- their entire livelihoods risk being jeopardised.”

Beyond her current practice areas, Sidnie has long-standing passions in International Human Rights and Refugee Law, and Discrimination Law. 

Following her time at IRAC, Sidnie maintains an active interest in Migration and Refugee Law- in particular, the compatibility between Australia’s current migration framework, and Australia’s ability to observe its refugee obligations prescribed by International Law.

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