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Clint Foster – Former Premier Kristina Keneally’s Son Facing Police Investigation

Sydney Channel 7 News broke a story on Sunday, Jan 29, 2023, about the ongoing legal battle between Daniel Keneally, son of former Premier Kristina Keneally, and Clint Foster. The story featured a quick interview with our principal solicitor Peter O’Brien outside the court.

You can see the story here. 

Son of former premier Kristina Keneally, Daniel Keneally is in trouble again.

Daniel Keneally, a NSW Police officer, is now facing a second investigation into his professional conduct as a police officer. This comes after Keneally was previously charged with fabricating evidence in a case where a man was sent to prison.

The latest case involves Keneally siding with off-duty police officer Detective Sergeant Michael O’Brien (no relation to our principal solicitor) following a minor traffic collision that escalated into a street brawl between O’Brien and Clint Foster on March of 2021.

Despite Foster alleging that O’Brien had assaulted him, Keneally charged Foster and kept him on remand for five months unable to obtain bail.

Monetary sums awarded

Magistrate Rana Daher awarded $55,000 in costs against the police after reviewing CCTV footage that showed who instigated the altercation and physical violence. The magistrate stated that the investigation was conducted in an “unreasonable and improper manner” and fell short of optimal standards.

Keneally failed in investigating due to the following:

  • Interviewed him and his partner together instead of separately
  • Took no photos of Foster’s injuries at the scene.
  • Misrepresented CCTV footage.
  • & Did not interview the two key witnesses.

Peter O’Brien comments

Our principal solicitor, Peter O’Brien, weighed in on the matter stating that police officers have a duty to “investigate it correctly, they’ve got to do it fairly, and they’ve got to do it impartially.”

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