Following the failed appeal by the State of NSW, Bill Spedding is set to receive over $1.5 million in compensation.

Bill Spedding suffered maliciously prosecution by NSW Police - Four Corners
Bill Spedding in an interview with ABC Four Corners in 2019

The State of New South Wales recently faced a significant setback as the appeal against Bill Spedding was unsuccessful. The court’s ruling, which deemed this case as the worst instance of its kind in Australia, sheds light on the conduct of NSW Police officers.

“The high-handed, self-serving, grand-standing undermining of the criminal justice system by the relevant police officers in arresting, charging, opposing bail and maintaining the prosecution against Mr Spedding has no relevant comparator in the reported cases in New South Wales” The court has ruled.

Our principal solicitor, Peter O’Brien shares his perspective on the failed appeal, stating,

“The NSW police involved have been appropriately castigated by the highest court of NSW because their conduct was unimaginable, heavy-handed and callous… subjecting an innocent man to a vicious public attack.”

The firm is delighted with the decision because not only does it compensate a victim of police misconduct in appropriate order but also sends a strong message to Police around the country to act in accordance with the law at all times.

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See the Channel 9 story here (and also in the video below)

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