Community backlash as plans to privatise Bondi Beach

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save bondi beach amalfi beach clubAmalfi Beach Club has applied to Waverley Council to have exclusive access to a section of Bondi Beach.

Locals have expressed outrage at the proposal. The beach club wants to fence off a 30m x 40m section of the beach for “high net worth individuals” to sell cocktails and gourmet food.

“This is the most disgracefully elitist and totally out of step with the community proposal I have ever seen. Locals don’t want this and I will be doing all I can try and stop this horrendous privatization (sic) of public asset,” stated one comment on Amalfi’s Facebook page.

The Greens, both on Waverley Council and in the NSW Parliament are opposed to the privatisation of public land.

“This cannot be allowed to happen, the culture of selling everything not nailed down has to be changed,” stated Greens MP David Shoebridge.

“Everyone no matter what their postcode of bank balance is should be allowed to enjoy the Beach.”

Greens Councillor for Bondi Ward Dominic WY Kanak expressed his disdain for the proposal.

“If the beach belongs to anyone it’s First Nations land,” he stated.

“No parts of Bondi Beach should be the exclusive playground for the elite and the rich.”

You can support the community and sign the petition here, to let Waverley Council know that this proposal is unacceptable.

Sarah Gore

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