Review real firearms offence case studies in which O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors have acted. See the results we have achieved and what our clients have said about us.

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Man is found with cache of firearms on Northern Beaches: SA

A man's girlfriend tries to sell one of his guns, and he handcuffs her in punishment. However, it doesn't work out well as someone calls police. Can we resolve the matter for him favourably?

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A man’s girlfriend tries to sell one of his guns, and he handcuffs her in punishment. However, it doesn’t work out well as someone calls police. Can we resolve the matter for him favourably?

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Firearms Prohibited Order search uncovers unlicensed shotguns and ammunition. Nowra Local Court hearing results in Community Release Order and section 10.

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DJ was travelling in a car with two other men, when police stopped and searched the vehicle. On the back seat of the car, the police located a backpack which DJ indicated was his. Inside the backpack, police found a piece of timber which was a sawn-off part of a firearm. They also found a yellow plastic bag containing a shortened firearm in the vehicle’s engine bay. They arrested and cautioned DJ.

Under  instructions by DJ, we entered a guilty plea for one count of possess a prohibited firearm and one count of not keep prohibited firearm safely. Due to entering a guilty plea to these charges, additional charges were withdrawn and dismissed. We also successfully argued sentencing submissions.

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A man was charged with supply prohibited drug and firearm offences after a police search of his Northern Territory home. The defence negotiated with the prosecution to have the drug charges withdrawn if the client entered a plea of guilty to the firearm charges. We assisted him in the preparation of testimonials of his sentencing hearing.

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NZK was charged with firing a firearm in a public place and an attempted break and enter. After pleading guilty to both offences, we represented NZK in their sentencing hearing. The judge formed a favourable opinion of NZK’s remorse and prospects of rehabilitation after our comprehensive submissions. NZK got a relatively short sentence, given the objective seriousness of the offences.

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XP was charged with the unauthorised possession of a pistol after police found an unregistered pistol in an unlocked caravan. It was alleged by the police that, because XP was in the caravan for 45 minutes earlier that day, he had occupied the premises and therefore the firearm possession deeming provisions applied. The defence for XP successfully made representations that XP’s mere presence in the caravan did not meet the definition of ‘occupying the premises’

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ANX faced charges of discharging a firearm with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. After negotiations, this charge was dropped and he pleaded guilty to lesser charges. During sentencing the defence tendered a psychiatric report and several character references which the judge took into consideration.

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JW was charged with the possession of an unauthorised pistol. We had the matter adjourned so that he could have an assessment for the MERIT program. After successfully completing the program, we represented him in his sentencing hearing where he was got a suspended sentence.

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