Police search home and discover illegal guns and drugs

The alleged incident occurred in the Northern Territory. DW was a 31 year old father who had a gun licence for over 10 years and had no issues until this incident.

The Northern Territory Police entered DW’s house when he was not home and a friend had let them in. They alleged to have had a search warrant upon the belief that DW was in possession of cannabis. During the search the police seized several rifles, ammunition, a cardboard box containing assorted fireworks and 60g of cannabis. Police charged DW with supply prohibited drug (cannabis) and a number of firearms charges. These relate to unsecured firearms and unlawful possession of fireworks.

Negotiations with the prosecution to withdraw drug charges

We entered into negotiations with the prosecution on behalf of DW and they withdrew the drug charges on the basis that the client entered pleas of guilty to the firearms and fireworks charges. We then instructed barristers, senior and junior counsel, who flew from Sydney to Darwin to represent the client at a sentencing hearing in the Darwin Local Court.

Preparation of testimonials for sentencing hearing

We tendered significant testimonial material on behalf of the client which we assisted him to prepare. After hearing submissions from senior counsel the Magistrate agreed to record no conviction against the client and gave him a series of good behaviour bonds. As a result he was able to maintain his gun licence which he needed in his current job.



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