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Richie ‘Vas’ Vaculik on The Clink

Richie ‘Vas’ Vaculk, the big wave surfer and MMA fighter from Maroubra is this week’s guest on The Clink.

Richie grew up surfing the iconic Maroubra Beach breaks alongside some of the Bra Boys. He even used to fight some of the Bra Boys for fun or to solve disputes as teenagers.

Speaking in an episode of Australian Story, Richie outlines the environment he was in as a teenager.

“When you’re going out and you’re partying and drinking becomes a big part of life and that acceptance thing, you don’t want to be like, you know, the only guy at the party not drinking. With all that I made a lot of stupid decisions and got myself into a lot of trouble.”

The antics finally caught up to him.

“Rich found himself in a similar situation to Mark where he got too drunk and found himself in a brawl out the front of pub, and he had detectives knock on his door. He was paraded through the airport with detectives under each arm. He was all over the news. He had his downfall and that was rock-bottom for him. He was looking at 14 years in jail for grievous body harm,” stated Mac De Souza, the Director of ‘Fighting Fear’.

Find out what happened to Richie, and learn about his road to redemption on this week’s episode of The Clink.

You can listen to The Clink on apple podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. 

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