Compensation awarded for individual on STMP list

Suspect Target Management Program (STMP) results in false imprisonment

Police placed Brandon* on a Suspect Target Management Program (STMP). Whilst he was on the program, patrolling officers stopped and strip searched him. The officers located jewellery and other items on Brandon’s person. They then arrested and transported him to Dubbo Police Station. He was granted bail and, the charges were later withdrawn.

The STMP is a secret policy implemented by NSW Police Force. Its intent is to reduce crime amongst high-risk individuals. It allows police to conduct random searches and home visits to the people on the list. However, power officers, under this policy has come under fire for being racially discriminative and is likely un-lawful.  For more info on this, read our blog on The STMP is racially biased, discriminatory, and likely unlawful.

We make a claim for false imprisonment

This led to a claim for false imprisonment. We claimed that police stopped and searched Brandon without grounds for reasonable suspicion, and that his subsequent arrest was therefore unlawful. We successfully argued with representatives for the State of NSW. In conclusion, Brandon secured a favourable sum of compensation. As well, the State paid the cost of his legal matter.

*We change names to protect the identity of our clients

If you experience false imprisonment by NSW Police, then please contact us today. Our civil solicitors can sue for compensation and get the State to pay your legal costs.

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