Indigenous chef breaches AVO after repeatedly trying to contact ex

Indigenous man with history of DV and disadvantaged childhood

CD is an Indigenous man with a substantial criminal history with domestic violence related matters on his record. He commits breaches of AVO that his girlfriend got in an attempt to reconnect with her. He came from a background of disadvantage as a child and experienced multiple removals from his home. The authorities placed him into foster care with his sister throughout their childhood.

Girlfriend rejects CD based on his criminal history

CD was in a relationship for under 1 year with a woman. He confessed his criminal history to his girlfriend who became upset due to this information. As a result of other issues occurring in the relationship, CD’s girlfriend ended the relationship between them. The court set an AVO in place, prohibiting CD from contact with his girlfriend.

CD repeatedly commits breaches of AVO

CD believed he could still fix the relationship and that there was still hope. As a result, CD repeatedly breached the AVO. Several times he left notes and gifts at his ex-girlfriend’s doorstep. Also, his behaviour included attending her place of work to try and repair the relationship they had and make amends.

Police charged him with stalk/intimidate charges over several dates including Breach of AVO.

Guilty plea to Stalk/intimidate charges including breaches of AVO

Following our legal advice, CD realised his error in judgment and decided to plead guilty. This decision was to avoid a more significant penalty due to the strong prosecution case and evidence against him. CD had a real risk of going into custody due to his criminal history and his past amount and nature of similar offending. As a result of this risk, a psychologist prepared a substantial report for CD . Subsequent to this, his case went before the court. The Magistrate decided to place CD on a 12-month Conditional Release Order (with no supervision attached).  Additionally there was only an order for CD to receive ongoing psychological treatment for his unresolved childhood traumas. This was a positive result for CD.  He could continue working as a chef and continue to live his life in the community. If police charge you with a AVO breach, then contact our AVO lawyers straight away.


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