Youth Officers Break 15 Year Old Detainee's Nose

Young boy battered by youth officer

FRANK BAXTER YOUTH DETENTION CENTRE NSW Government refuses to fix loophole allowing prison staff to strip-search children
Frank Baxter Youth Detention Centre

Police detained Caleb* at the age of 15. While in detention a youth officer struck him multiple times during a cell extraction. Caleb suffered injuries including a blackened eye, lacerations to the face and a broken nose. He was unable to access medical attention at the time and only got X-rays three months after the incident. 

However, the youth officer’s conduct was investigated. As a result, they were terminated from his employment.

Generous Monetary Compensation 

Caleb experienced battery and assault perpetrated by youth officers. The officers used unlawful, excessive and unreasonable use of force. As a result Caleb suffered physical pain with a broken nose, and was a victim of imminent unlawful touch. It is also important to highlight the vulnerability of Caleb, being 15 years old. 

Caleb instructed O’Brien Civil and Criminal solicitors to proceed civil proceedings against the youth officers. In conclusion, through settlement, Caleb received generous monetary compensation. 

*We change names to protect the identity of our clients

If you believe you or someone you know has been mistreated by  a youth officer, contact our lawyers.


Background to Youth Officers

Youth Officers work in Youth Justice centres in Grafton, Wagga Wagga, Dubbo, Sydney and Gosford.

Youth Justice NSW is part of the Child Protection and Permanency, District and Youth Justice Division under the Department of Communities and Justice. They supervise and provide custodial and community-based services for young people.

Youth Officers supervise and meet the needs of young people in custody. They also help them participate in day to day activities, while maintaining the safety and security of the centre. Activities include educational, vocational, recreational and therapeutic programs dependent on individual case plans.


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