We appeal a harsh sentencing for client charged with possession of a prohibited drug

Charged with posessing a prohibited drug

Nick was at a nightclub when the Police searched him. He was found with a small amount of cocaine and charged with posession of a prohibited drug.

Nick was cooperative throughout the search. His cooperation continued in court. Nick pleaded guilty to the possess prohibited drug charge at the earliest possible opportunity.

However, even with this cooperation, the court fined Nick $500 and recorded his conviction. Nick instructed our drug offence lawyers to appeal the sentence.

Appeal for harsh sentencing

The defence appealed the sentence on the grounds of severity.

During the appeal hearing, the defence focused on Nick’s contrition and frank admissions of guilt. It was also submitted that Nick was now halfway through completing a rehabilitation course to deal with his drug issues. Consequently, based on these submissions, the presiding judge downgraded UDJ’s sentence to a Section 10 non-conviction order . This was conditional on a successful completion of a good behaviour bond.


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