Suing NSW Corrective Services for unlawful strip-search on visitor

Compensation for unlawful strip-search by NSW Corrective Services

Linda* attended Mid-North Coast Correctional Centre at Kempsey to visit her partner. NSW Corrective Services runs this prison facility.

At the Centre, Linda experienced a strip-search by Correctional Officers. The officers later denied that the strip-search occurred.

However, Correctional Officers do not have the power to strip-search visitors. Only Police Officers can strip-search visitors in appropriate circumstances.

O’Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors represented Linda in a suit against NSW Corrective Services.

Woman sues Corrective Services for false imprisonment

Linda filed a claim for false imprisonment in the civil jurisdiction of the NSW District Court.

The matter proceeded to a defended hearing at the NSW District Court .

The Judge found that the strip-search did occur, and awarded Linda damages for the false imprisonment, assault and battery.

In conclusion, the court awarded Linda $7,000 in general damages, $3,000 in aggravated damages and $7,000 in exemplary damages. Linda’s legal costs were paid for by the State of NSW.

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*Name changed for confidentiality


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