SK v Corrective Services, Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network

Prisoner’s health problem overlooked by Corrective Services and Justice Health

International borders open but families still can't visit prisons (1)SK was an inmate at a correctional centre. He noticed a lump on his right testicle and requested medical attention. Sometime later, a Doctor reviewed SK and scheduled an ultrasound at a nearby hospital. Due to procedural complications, Justice Health booked another ultrasound appointment.

However, soon after, Corrective Services transferred SK to another correctional facility. The Justice Health employees failed to comply with the clinical handover policy and medical appointment system during the transfer by not rescheduling the appointment.

Several months later SK had an ultrasound. Analysis of the results led to a diagnosis of testicular cancer. He had to undergo radical orchidectomy surgery to remove his right testicle.

We sue Corrective Services and Justice Health for negligence

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors subsequently commenced civil action against Corrective Services and Justice Health for negligence. SK received compensation.

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