While serving his time at a correctional centre, Sam* discovered a concerning lump on his right testicle. Recognising the urgency, he sought medical attention promptly. A doctor within the facility assessed him and deemed an ultrasound at an external hospital necessary. Due to procedural complications, Justice Health booked another ultrasound appointment.

A Critical Oversight During Transfer

Soon after, Corrective Services transferred Sam to another correctional facility. The Justice Health employees failed to comply with the clinical handover policy and medical appointment system during the transfer by not rescheduling the appointment.

The transfer, overseen by Corrective Services, presented a crucial misstep. Justice Health staff overlooked their responsibility, neglecting the clinical handover policy and medical appointment protocols. His pivotal ultrasound got delayed.

A Dire Diagnosis

It wasn’t until several months later that Sam underwent the ultrasound. Analysis of the results led to a diagnosis of testicular cancer. The severity of the condition meant a radical orchidectomy – a surgery to remove the affected testicle.

Pursuing Justice for Negligence

O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors initiated legal action subsequently against both Corrective Services and Justice Health for their negligence. Sam was compensated for the distress and health repercussions he faced.

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*Names have been changed for client confidentiality


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