NSW Police Deny Cover-Up Of Senior Inspector Drunk Driving

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NSW Police Deny Cover-Up For Senior Inspector's Drunk Driving Offence

The press has accused the NSW Police of a serious cover-up. According to reports, a senior detective crashed his car while drunk last year. As a result, he faces drunk driving charges

Last May, CCTV caught the officer drinking around 20 alcoholic beverages in two pubs. After, footage showed him jumping behind the wheel of his police-issued vehicle. Then he crashed into a NorthConnex ramp in Sydney’s Northern Suburbs. He then drove the crashed car to a suburban neighbourhood and left it there. 

NSW Police Deny Cover-Up 

The police have denied the cover-up allegations, despite there being a six-month delay before they charged the detective. In defence, Police Commissioner Karen Webb stated that the delay was due to the department waiting for the legal process to take place. Webb stated that she can’t make this process go any quicker. She added:

So any suggestion that there’s a cover-up or interference, I reject.” 

The officer who faces these allegations is in a very senior role and often appears in press conferences discussing cases. The Law Enforcement Conduct Commission is reviewing the case.

NSW Police Delayed Media Release 

Usually when the police charge a fellow officer with any crime, the police issue a Media Release. However, in this case, they only released it after Nine News reported the incident. Webb admitted they could have released it sooner. She said they will review why it ‘fell through the cracks.’ 

Furthermore, the accused was not breathalysed after the crash. Apparently, his license was not suspended either. 

NSW Police Detective Awaiting Trial 

Currently, the detective is awaiting trial. A court date is set for December. However, while he awaits trial, his position in the NSW Police is under review. Government lawyers are trying to keep his name out of the press. They warned the media that a ‘statutory prohibition’ protects his identity. The government lawyers also stated that releasing his name could result in imprisonment. 

Contrarily, The Crown Solicitors did not respond when asked which exact law protected his identity. Usually, these statutory prohibitions protect the victims of crime or those people in the courts.

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