Mistaken Identity: Settlement for defamation in Australian Newspaper

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Fraudulent activity by company stains man even though he wasn’t involved

John was libelled in an article relating to a company he started, but then subsequently left. After his departure, the company engaged in fraudulent behaviour.

The journalist failed to make the relevant enquiries and listed our client as the one responsible for the fraud. However, he had no involvement in the business at all when they began engaging in this behaviour.

The article was published in a national newspaper and their respective online news website.

Defamation action leads to large settlement and national apology


We started an action for defamation. We were able to settle the matter for a six-figure sum, which covered the legal costs of our firm, barristers and leave a large sum for the client.

The newspaper also published a nation-wide apology to our client.

*Name changed for confidentiality

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