Strip search arrest

Illegally strip searched, following the execution of a lawful search warrant: PS and ER

illegal Strip search arrestExecution of search warrant followed by illegal strip search

FC and JS were female occupants of a premises in Forbes, NSW that was subject to a lawful search. Forbes police attended their premises and presented the valid search warrant. Police began searching the premises and demanded that FC and JS stay within the lounge room.

After the search took place for some time, police took both FC and JS  into a bedroom. They ordered them to remove their clothing one piece at a time for a strip search. Police examined each piece of apparel and then placed it on the ground. FC and JS were left to stand naked in front of a female police officer.

No lawful basis for strip-search

O’Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors filed proceedings in the New South Wales District Court, asserting that the strip search that took place during the execution of the search warrant was unlawful. Both FC and JS claimed assault and battery as a result of the strip search.

Our lawyers asserted that there was no lawful basis for the execution of the strip search. The strip searches were simply arbitrary and there was no lawful basis for their occurrence. Further, the police officers conducting the strip search had no reasonable grounds to suspect that such an action was necessary at all.

FC and JS claimed damages for the hurt and humiliation, embarrassment and indignity of the police strip search as well as an unlawful infliction of force, constituting an assault and battery.

Illegal strip search settled for a large amount of money

We claimed aggravated and exemplary damages on the basis that FC and JS suffered

  • embarrassment,
  • humiliation
  • and intimidation

by the actions of police. This constituted a cause for general damages, in which the circumstances were aggravated by virtue of a totally unjustified strip search. We also claimed exemplary damages on the basis that the conduct of police was high handed, unwarranted and manifestly excessive, showing contemptuous disregard for the rights and privacy of each of our clients. The matter settled prior to trial for a considerable sum of money for FC and JS on a confidential basis.

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