From Convict to Fitness Empire – the story of ConFit

At 21, Joe Kwon was sentenced to 13 years in prison for directing a criminal enterprise. Now, Joe owns and runs a fitness start-up that does just more than build muscles.

During his time on the inside, he was taught the value of education and self-worth.

The main goal of ConFit is to create a more accepting society and to coach ex-inmates to become, not only great fitness instructors but also leaders who give back to their communities.

Joe Kwon on The Clink
Joe Kwon (second from left)

Joe’s mission is to break down stereotypes by creating holistic fitness communities.

“At the moment in Australia…one in two inmates will return back to prison within the first two years of release.”

“Our mission is to reduce the recidivism rates through what we know best, which is fitness… We want to provide a support network, and this whole support network starts with community,” he said at a community fundraiser for R U OK? day.

Joe is now on his way to completing his Bachelor of Marketing/Management at UNSW. Also, he is currently participating in UNSW Founders Coach & Connect program.

You can find out more about Joe’s journey on episode 4 of The Clink – available on apple podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

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