DPP v BC: Over 1000 MDMA pills – supply prohibited drug

MDMA pills (ecstasy or molly)

Pill testing for ecstasy and MDMA at a music festivalPolice intercepted four separate exchanges of text messages between BC and a drug dealer. These messages arranged for the bulk supply of MDMA pills. Police laid four charges against BC. Three of the charges were for supply prohibited drug greater than an indictable quantity (between 100-300 pills each transaction). However, the fourth charge was much more serious. This was for supply of a prohibited drug greater than a commercial quantity (a transaction of 700 pills). The charges carried maximum sentences of 15 and 20 years in prison, respectively.

Plea negotiation on supply prohibited drug charge

BC entered a plea negotiation. In which he pleaded guilty to two charges of supply prohibited drug (indictable quantity) in return for the Crown discontinuing the other two charges. This included the much more serious charge of supply prohibited drug (commercial quantity). At sentencing for the two charges of supply prohibited drug (indictable quantity), BC got a  sentenc of a 2 year good behaviour bond.



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