Compensation for Defamation in Financial Report from Government Commission

Compensation for Defamation in Financial Report

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Government Commission defames man in financial report

A financial report from a Commission identified our client Paul and made allegations that included that he was: 

  • a hostile business owner, 
  • engaged in questionable operational practices,
  •  tried to poach workers, 
  • that he was under investigation, 
  • brought harm to the organisation, 
  • assaulted a client 
  • and breached confidentiality.


All of these allegations were false and without foundation.

Defamation proceedings settled out of court with payment

We filed defamation court proceedings against the Commission however managed to negotiate and settle the matter outside of court, relieving our client of unnecessary legal costs.


The client received a substantial settlement and the report in question was removed from access.

*Name changed for confidentiality

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