Assault occasioning actual bodily harm and kidnapping: Police vs TS

Assault occasioning actual bodily harm and kidnapping

Assault - Criminal Defence SolicitorsA serious allegation of kidnapping and assault was made against TS.

Police alleged that TS had, in the company of another person, detained and assaulted the victim over the course of a number of days in an apartment complex. Subsequently, TS entered a plea of not guilty.

Plea of not guilty leads to finding of not guilty

The prosecution withdrew the charge of kidnapping and proceeded with a charge of Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm in company. The prosecution called seven witnesses in their  case over two days.

However, after hearing the evidence and after several hours of cross examination, the court found that the victim lacked credibility and would not accept him as a witness of truth. Although the remaining witnesses provided some corroboration, the court had reasonable doubt. Accordingly, TS was found not guilty.

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