No conviction recorded for possession of a small quantity of Ketamine

Sniffer-dogs detect possession of a prohibited drug

Police had been patrolling a public area in the course of a general drug detection exercise using police dogs.

During the patrol, one of the drug detection dogs approached Tim* and indicated to police that he may be in possession of a prohibited drug. Subsequently, 0.7 grams of Ketamine were found in Tim’s wallet.

Outcome: No Conviction recorded

On the advice of his drug offence lawyer, Tim pleaded guilty to being in possession of a prohibited drug per s 10(1) of the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act.

Given the small quantity of Ketamine that was found, clean criminal record and excellent testimonials, it was concluded that imposing a conviction would be unnecesasry.

As a result, Tim received a s 10(b) good behaviour bond for a period of 2 years with no conviction recorded.


“Mate, today you saved my career and future.”

* Names have been changed for client confidentiality 


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